From the other side of the world

Things have been great here on the south side of the world. Everything is progressing as could have been expected…not to say that there aren´t countless new experiences in our adventures…but all is well. All of our research projects are in full gear…although, i sometimes get a little frustrated with mine…but i love it none the less…and it is progressing quite nicely. Amy and Brett´s research projects are working to perfection…we are planning a camping trip soon to finish up the rest of Amy´s sampling. The weather has been interesting…somedays snow and wind and rain, and somedays tranquil and sunny…i enjoy the variety, and with no t.v., it is always a surprise…like christmas everyday…sort of. All the best to everyone…

Cheers, Will

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About William Collier

Will is a B.S. ecology student from Woodstock, Georgia. He has worked on several research projects to day, including aquatic ecology, systems ecology and an internship in South Africa studying sustainable development and building practices in rural and poor townships. His project during the fall OSARA field course in Chile will be to analyze the landscape-level effects of beaver on aquatic ecosystems. He is also the recipient this year of the Josh Laerm Award from the Georgia Museum of Natural History and the University of Georgia Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities summer fellowship to support his research .