From Patagonia to Canada…and Beyond?

Cristobal Pizaro, formerly OSARA’s International Course Assistant, recently began his Ph.D. at Waterloo University in Canada, under the mentorship of Dr. Brendon Larson. With the funding of a prestigious doctoral scholarship known as BecasChile, Cristóbal and his family will live in Canada for the next 4 years, where he will work in the Faculty of Environment to develop his research interests regarding the relationship of humans to nature. From 2007 to 2010, Cristóbal also completed a master’s of conservation degree at the University of Magallanes. His first publication from this project is now available in the journal Polar Biology. Congratulations to Cristóbal and thanks for all your hard work supporting OSARA!


Pizarro, J.C., C.B. Anderson & R. Rozzi (2012). Birds as marine-terrestrial linkages: avian community composition, function and seasonal dynamics in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile. Polar Biology 35: 39-51.