Rufford Grant for Nature Funds Study that Could Help Promote Riparian Forest Restoration in Southern Patagonia

Dr. Rosina Soler, a postdoctoral fellow at the Austral Center for Scientific Research (CADIC) in Ushuaia, Argentina, has recently completed the first phase of an important new study on forest regeneration and sustainability. With the support of a Rufford Grant for Nature (U.K.), since 2010, Dr. Soler’s project has explored the effects of invasive beavers on ├▒irre forests (Nothofagus antarctica), a biome that has previously been left out of ecological studies of forestry and invasive species. Her findings show that the ├▒irre is much more resilient to beaver disturbance than the other forest types in the archipelago, providing evidence that this species could be a good candidate to promote active restoration in other parts of the island in areas that have been degraded by beavers. This project is a collaborative endeavor that also includes the CADIC Forestry Resources Lab and OSARA.