National Prize for Biodiversity and Sustainability Research Goes to Tierra del Fuego Lab

The Forest Resources Laboratory at CADIC (Ushuaia, Argentina) has received the 2012 Fidel Roig Prize for Biodiversity and Sustainability Research for its work on sustainable forestry in Tierra del Fuego. The award, given annually by the Argentine Ministry of Science and Technology, recognizes the research group whose activities have affected not only academic studies, but also decision making to influence true conservation in the country. The lab, led by Drs. Guillermo Martinez Pastur and Vanessa Lencinas, includes research associates, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and technicians who work on an array of forest resources issues including economics, ecology and forestry. The prize of $10,000 USD and a medal was presented to Dr. Martinez Pastur by Minister BergoƱeo on 2 July 2012 in Buenos Aires. Congratulations to our friends and colleagues!