OSARA News 2004-2005



www.osara.org receives major update and now includes research and education resources, including maps, publications and a photographic archive of aquatic macroinvertebrates!


Dr. Christopher Anderson, OSARA Secretary, presents lecture entitled “Saving Cape Horn” at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan. The event was attended by more than 160 NYYC members.

Dr. Kurt Heidinger becomes OSARA’s Coordinator for Education Programs.

Andrew Holton, J.D., is invited to become a member of the OSARA Board of Directors.

OSARA initiates a new study abroad program with the University of North Texas to be held in December 2006/January 2007.


University of Georgia undergraduate students Brett Maley, William Collier and Amy Trice present their projects conducted in the Omora Park at the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Symposium. Maley is awarded the prize for best undergraduate science paper and Collier was recognized as a CURO 2005 Summer Scholar.


OSARA reports the discovery of two new species of freshwater fish for the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve. Michelle Moorman (N.C. State University) found the species Aplochiton taenitus and A. zebra, which were previously only described south to Tierra del Fuego. Both of these species are first described from samples taken by Charles Darwin during his expedition about the Beagle to the southern archipelago in the 1830s.


Michelle Moorman begins the first survey of freshwater fish in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve.



Board of Directors meeting held in Santiago, Chile and Puerto Williams, Chile.

Michelle Moorman is notified that her application with OSARA for a Wildlife Conservation Society grant was funded. Michelle will study the effects of introduced beavers and trout on native freshwater fish in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve.


OSARA President Carl Fisher is notified by the IRS that the application for chariable status (IRS Code 501.c.3) has been approved!


www.osara.org goes online! Many thanks to Geoff Fellows for volunteering his time and talents.


OSARA and the University of Georgia initiate the first pilot study abroad program. Three undergraduates travel to the Cape Horn area to conduct independent projects.


The IRS responds to OSARA’s 501(c)3 application, desiring further information.



Christopher Anderson and Jan Fisher attend All About Boards, a conference coordinated by the Non-Profit Center in Tacoma, WA about building boards of directors and strengthening non-profit governance.

OSARA applies for IRS tax-exempt status.


The Omora Sub-Antarctic Research Alliance (OSARA) is incorporated August 3, 2004