One fish, two fish

michelle1.jpgI hope all is well in the United States. I have just gotten back for an awesome trip collecting fish in the Murray Channel and on Isla Hoste. I have attached some photos, but don’t worry I have tons more. At one site, we came across a different species (I’ve attached a photo for the fish nerds) which was very exciting and at another sites we caught over 2500 galaxiids in 100 meters of river – the native fish – and the river was less then 2 meters wide. We were counting fish until 12:00 at night. We also had an asado one night with various fishing boats – which was a wild experience – cooking the freshly killed lamb over the fire and then devouring it with our hands afterwards. And one of the fishermen happened to be the cousin of another scientists I have worked with here in Omora. How strange to be at the end of the world – at an estancia in the middle of nowhere and run into another person who knows one of the 15 people I know in Chile – raro! (Although they probably thought it was strange there is a gringo in the middle of nowhere shocking fish in rivers). Well I hope everyone has a good week.

Un abrazo para todos,