Puye sightings

I have great news. We went fishing this past weekend to Lago Pollollo with Rigo and encountered another species, Aplochiton zebra (in Wulaia we found A. tenatius). If you need info on these fish try fishbase.org. That’s really exciting because they seemed to be living happily with the trout which Bob McDowell (osmeriform expert) didn’t expect. Also, puye seem to be a plenty on the island. So I don’t think you have to worry to much about the trout – but there were definitely more puye on Hoste (2500 in one reach of 100 m long and 3 m wide – I’m serious on that one.) We did a site at Puerto Inutil – no fish, but we did see some puye in the coast and the fishermen caught some robalo with gill nets while we were working, Wulaia – only puye and A. tenatius, Douglas (2 sites) – puye, rainbow and brown trout, 2 sites on Murray Channel – one had no fish and one had puye and small browns and 3 sites at Kanasaca – one had 2500 puye, and the other two had less puye and brown trout.

By the way, the puye do seem to like beavers – the sites with the most puye have a beaver pond just upstream. So there’s lots interesting going on. We’ve done about 22 sites and have 3 left – if the weather is good. Oh one more interesting thing – we went upstream of the dam at Robalo today – no fish – we sampled both sites. Probably due to the dam.

Un abrazo,