Dr. Rozzi Wins “Sustainable Living Award”

ricardo y letrero.JPGOn November 28th, Dr. Ricardo Rozzi was recognized by the Fundación Casa de la Paz (Peace House Foundation) with its Premio Convivencia Sustentable (Sustainable Living Award) in the category of educator, during a ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in Santiago, Chile. In conferring the award, the organization highlighted Dr. Rozzi’s achievements in formal and informal education and leading the creation of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve. UMAG master’s student Cristóbal Pizarro noted that “Dr. Rozzi as an ecologist, philosopher and musician has helped us to see our own interdisciplinarity, which can be a tool for education and conservation, discovering that each of us is more than a biologist or researcher, but also a friend and brother or photographer, poet or musician. According to Dr. Sergio Guevara, president of the Ibero-american Network of Biosphere Reserves, Ricardo is “one of the few people in the world who has maintained a tight link between research and education.” Congratulations Ricardo!