ISEE’s South American Chapter Launches a Bilingual Occassional Paper Series

occasional.gifThe International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) offers an ideal forum for investigating the reticulated specificity of the causes of environmental problems, as well as for favoring the expression of diverse forms of ecological knowledge, languages, and practices. Recently, the ISEE Bulletin began to be published “online” and include a special section in Spanish. As representative of the South American Chapter of ISEE, Dr. Ricardo Rozzi and Mark Woods, the editor of the ISEE Bulletin, initiated a series of bilingual essays to provide a vision of South American environmental philosophy written by different authors. The goal here is to promote a multi-vocal expression that overcomes the frequent homogenizing (even oppressing) effect that exert univocal discourses that with their synthesis take over the voice and talk for instead of with those with whom we coinhabit the southern part of the New World. To learn more about this effort, supported by ISEE, the Center for Environmental Philosophy and the Program in Biocultural Research and Conservation (UNT-UMAG-IEB), please click here.