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First Travel Learn Trip Headed to Cape Horn

stella australis.jpgThe University of North Texas is organizing its first ever Travel Learn Trip to the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve to coincide with the inauguration of the Cape Horn Field Station in January 2011. Dianne Gibbons, Travel Learn Coordinator, and the Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program have collaborated closely since fall 2010 to realize this goal. The itinerary includes stays in luxury accomodations at the Hotel José Nogeira and the Lakutaia Ecolodge. In addition, participants will navigate with researchers from the Omora Park to Puerto Williams aboard the Stella Australis, seeing first hand the biocultural wonders of the Cape Horn Archipelago. The finale will occur at the Omora Park and Puerto Williams, where a scientific workshop will coincide with the inauguration of the Cape Horn Field Station. For more information, contact Dianne Gibbons ( or visit:

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