Conservation Biologist Richard Primack Visits UNT

A Boston University professor presented UNT students with a homegrown look at climate change Friday in a lecture that detailed the conservation biologist’s findings from a study of Henry David Thoreau’s former stomping grounds. Richard Primack and a team of students and biologists have spent the last eight years observing the same birds and plants once documented by the famous author and naturalist. Their comparisons of Thoreau’s environment to today’s Concord, Mass., area indicate that climate change is not exclusive to places reserved for National Geographic covers, Primack said.


“All of the examples of climate change seem to be from far away … People don’t see it happening in the plants and animals that are right around them,” Primack said in front of an audience of more than 75 people during the Friday lecture in the Environmental Science building. “The goal was to detect climate change locally to communicate this story to the general public.”


Excerpt from NT Daily by Drew Gaines / Senior Staff Writer