UNT Grad Students Can Work in Chile

By Kasey Crill

NT students now have the opportunity to work at the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies’ field station at Cape Horn, Chile, where these Chilean students are working. The department of Philosophy and Religion Studies launched a field station in Cape Horn, Chile, giving opportunities to NT graduate students for internships and travel research beginning in fall 2006.

Ricardo Rozzi of the philosophy faculty said there are several ways students can get involved with this research prospect in Chile. NT students can take classes and learn about what is going on, act as research project assistants or complete their thesis or dissertation within the graduate department. (to read entire article click here).

Blending with the locals

The little town of peurto williams is treating us like kings…and queens respectively. The weather has been good, the people have been extremely kind and friendly, the supermarket lady is incredibly helpful, our fishin´buddy just had a birthday party which was quite a treat, and the street dogs are as cuddly as ever. Research is going well as we are wrapping things up…working on writing the introduction and methods for our research theses, as the results and discussion will be added next semester. Going on a big (relatively)camping trip this weekend to the south side of navarino island…should be a nice change from the everyday hustle and bustle of a town of 2000 people…perhaps.

Hope halloween was fun back home…don´t worry, no crazy costumes, but i had my fill of candy in honor of the day…

ciao my friends, william