Bi-National Bird Banding Workshop Planned

From 16-17 October, researchers from the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve will conduct a bird-banding workshop in Ushuaia, Argentina, to expand the Omora Park’s 8 year program to a new site across the Beagle Channel. After the June 2008 workshop on long-term socio-ecological research, held in Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams, researchers at the Centro Austral de Investigaciones CientifĂ­cas, in Ushuaia requested training to implement a complementary and coordinated study in their own area. This effort is being supported, as well, by the visit and participation of Dr. Chris Elphick (U. of Connecticut), who has advised the Cape Horn bird banding program since 2001.

OSARA Co-Sponsors Alliance-building with US Embassy and OTS

During October, Dr. Ed Stashko, Vice-president for Global Programs of the Organization for Tropical Studies, will visit Chile in a project co-sponsored by OSARA and the US Embassy. While in Chile, Dr. Stashko will visit the major universities and field sites that constitute the partnership of organizations conducting research in the Chilean subantarctic archipelago. In addition to advising OSARA and others in their alliance-building initiative, Dr. Stashko will offer a talk and panel discussion at the American Academy in Santiago on “Capacity Building for Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation”, which will include Drs. Juan Carlos Castilla, Mary Kalin and Ricardo Rozzi as discussion panelists.